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Application: FBReader e-book reader

  • Installed 1335 times
  • Download size: 516 Kb
  • Architecture: x86
  • Website: http://www.fbreader.org/
  • Version: 0.10.7dfsg-2ubuntu2
  • Licence: Open Source
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Main features:
* supports several open e-book formats: fb2, html, chm, plucker, palmdoc, ztxt, tcr (psion text), rtf, oeb, openreader, non-DRM'ed mobipocket, plain text, epub
* reads directly from tar, zip, gzip, bzip2 archives (you can have several books in one archive)
* supports a structured view of your e-book collection
* automatically determines encodings
* automatically generates a table of contents
* keeps the last open book and the last read positions for all open books between runs
* automatic hyphenation (patterns for several languages are included)

FBReader e-book reader screenshots


3 reviews for FBReader e-book reader

  1. Luís Fernando Says:

    Great reader, but no support for pdf...

  2. Thomas Says:

    I have been using this daily for years on my little Nokia 700. It is much more configurable than any hardware reader available. It cannot decode encrypted (DRM) books, though. You can use MobiPocket software to convert most other formats to one that is readable by this software.

  3. lepro Says:

    Nueva version:


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