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Application: Zapping TV Viewer

  • Installed 1368 times
  • Download size: 1.4 Mb
  • Architecture: x86
  • Website: http://zapping.sourcef...
  • Version: 0.10~cvs6-2ubuntu3
  • Licence: Open Source
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television viewer for the GNOME environment. It is based on plugins. This will make it easy to add functionality to the program, without making it hard to maintain, such as saving video as AVI/MPEG, viewing mirrored TV (scanning from right to left) or whatever you can imagine (and program).

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1 review for Zapping TV Viewer

  1. Jim McPherson Says:

    I installed the Zapping package using Ubuntu 9.04 on my HP media Center 64 bit machine but am unable to get it to run. When I start it, it asks for my userid and password then goes away without giving a diagnostic or any indication of why it won't run.

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